Misrepresentation of Twitter as ‘Leh’ part of China.

Twitter tried to misrepresent the map of Leh,Ladakh,India as a Republic of China’s territory on Thursday.These turns India’s I.T secretary Ajay Sawhey to penned a letter to a Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey as they geo-located the Leh I.T secretary stated conveying its strong disapproval over misrepresentation of Indian map,and asserted that any attempt by the micro-blogging platform to disrespect the country’s sovereignty is unacceptable and warned the platform that such attempts not only bring disrepute to Twitter but also raises questions about it’s neutrality and fairness as a an intermediary.

The I.T secretary also reminded that the Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir are integral and inalienable parts of India,governed by the constitution part of India and asked Twitter to respect the sensitivities of Indian citizens,and had also made it clear that disrespect towards sovereignty and integrity of India,reflected by map is unacceptable and unlawful.


Rashtra Today learned that back few days Xiaomi a Chinese technological company manipulated the weather of Arunachal Pradesh shows missing in weather app as soon was spotted the company replied it’s a glitch but netizens did’nt took easy and was slammed by trolling.


‘Is all a glitch of CHINA,or taken TWITTER as a Biased Media?’

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